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Fixed & Draw out up to 6300A

  • LV Switchboards up to 1100V & 6300A (Fixed and Draw Out).
  • MV Switchboards
  • Control & relay Panel
  • DG AMF & Auto Synchronising Panels up to 7 DG Sets.
  • PLC Based Auto Load Management & Load Sharing Panels up to 5 DG Sets & 7 Transformers.
  • APFC Panel up to 1050 kVAr.
  • AC Drive & Soft Starters.
  • SCADA Based PLC Panel.
  • Feeder Pillars up to 1600A
  • Lighting Distribution Boards
  • Meter Boards & Junction Boxes.
  • DC Distribution Boards.


We are expert in manufacturing of AMF & DG Synchronising panel which is used for Automatic changeover from Mains supply to DG Sets. At the time of Mains failure. When Mains supply is restored, the system will automatically transferred from DG Sets to Mains Supply and DG will stop.


PLC based DG Synchronising panels provide automatic Synchronising, Load sharing & Load management for two or more DG Sets.


  • Suitable for 7.5 KVA to 1600 KVA. PLC Based DG Synchronising & AMF Panel
  • Protection available Over current, Earth fault, Over voltage, Under voltage, Reverse Power, Loss of excitation.
  • Auto start/Stop, Emergency stop. Load management, load sharing & control.

Fixed & Draw out MCC​

Pantek  offers and manufactures fully fixed and draw out MCCs to  reduce maintenance downtime for application of Power Plants, Process Industries etc. These modules are interchangeable for all identical units having Positive Guidance, smooth movement and perfect alignment of contacts.

APFC Panel (Capacitor Panel)​

Electrical loads such as motors can cause electrical systems to be very inductive, which results in very ‘Lagging power factor’ i.e. wastage of power. The simple solution to maintain the power factor in required range to connect or disconnect the power factor correction capacitors, manual switching is just impossible for rapidly fluctuating loads and hence an automatic control system is required which continuously monitors the power factor and make appropriate corrections to maintain it within the required range.

‘Pantek’ Automatic Power Factor Correction System is unique with its custom based design, based on the load study conducted.

Control & Relay Panel

We manufacture control & Relay Panels for both Indoor & Outdoor Installation used for protection of electrical networks ranging from 11KV to 33 KV.



Feeder protection panel for both incoming and outgoing lines.

Transformer Panel covering both HV and LV side protection.

Electromechanical, analog & numerical Relays from manufacturer like ABB, Schneider, Siemens, Alstom, GE etc.

Feeder Pillars & Junction Boxes​

Outdoor type with degree of Protection up to IP 65.

Fabricated with CRCA Sheet  Powder Coated/Epoxy Point

Aluminium / Stainless Steel / FRP / Electro Galvanised

Sheet enclosures on request.

Starter Panel​

Motor Starter Panels. A motor starter panel is a collection of star delta motor starters and direct online motor starters. Motor starters are used to temporarily reduce the load and the torque in the powertrain of the motor during start up.

Bus Ducts​

Rated voltage 3.3 KV to 33 KV , Rated Current up to 6300A for medium voltage application Aluminium alloy enclosure duly powder coated or epoxy painted, suitable for Indoor / Outdoor Installation with degree of protection IP 55.

TP/TPN/FP Conventional/Interleaved/Double-deck Aluminium bus bar design with Epoxy resin cast high creep age insulators.

Short Circuit withstands capacity 50KA for 3 seconds.

Fire Fighting Panel​

  • It is used to control and start the motors in case of fire emergency according to incidents,
  • It is fully automatic for both of pump electrical motor pump and diesel engine pump in case of no electricity.
  • It’s set the priority of pump automatic according to the pressure of fire pipeline up/down in fire cases.

Meter Board Panel​

An electric meter, or energy meter, is a device that measures the amount of electric energy consumed by a building, tenant space, or electrically powered equipment.

Electric utilities use electric meters installed at customers’ premises to measure electric energy delivered to their customers for billing purposes. 

Distribution Board Panel​

A distribution board (also known as panel board, breaker panel, or electric panel) is a component of an electricity supply system that divides an electrical power feed into subsidiary circuits, while providing a protective fuse or circuit breaker for each circuit in a common enclosure.
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