Electrical Services

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High Voltage

Our company does not limit itself to L.V. installations and is able to offer its clients’ a full design  and installation of HV/LV Systems, both temporary and permanent.

Heavy Industrial Installation

All aspects of industrial installations are undertaken throughout the INDIA, and indeed  overseas, regardless of their size.

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Commercial Installations

Commercial and Industrial installations form the backbone of the company’s day to day  operations. Our commercial side covers all manner of works including factory and office  installations, amenitylighting and even town centre and private clients’ .

Electrical Maintenance

As a company we are able to offer a fully tailored maintenance program to suit individual  customers’ requirements. This could very well be outside of the client’s own hours of working or  indeed over an annual shutdown period. Whatever the need Pantek Electricals Pvt. Ltd. will  be able to develop a Planned Preventative Maintenance program to maximize our clients’  productivity and electrical safety, and minimise any possible downtime

Work-Site Temporary Installations

Pantek Electricals carries an extensive stock of site temp distribution panels, 400/230110volt transformers and 110volt fluorescent/festoon lighting. Our temporary site mains panels can  accept loads of up to 3,000amps on a three phase load distribution, and all are supplied with  earth leakage protection. We are able to respond urgently to any given emergency, or  alternatively plan and install a long term solution to an ongoing project

Electrical Inspection & Tests

  1. Pantek Electricals  offer a full test and inspection service to establish the safety
  2. of installations and ongoing periodic testing to identify any possible deterioration, regardless of how big or small.
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Project Management and Project Engineering

You can count on the experience and involvement of our teams. Pantek Electricals has  global and local project teams to manage your automation, energy management and electrical  distribution projects. With worldwide references in across all industries and with strategic  presence in major countries, Pantek Electricals is the right partner for your project  and engineering challenges. Our tools, standards and proven processes allow us to apply these  best practices in your project with the confidence, safety and quality you want.


Our experts and consultants help you to analyse your existing situation and work together with  you to define and deploy specific solutions to meet your particular requirements.

For Operation

We support you to get more from your plant. For example, as process automation specialists,  we provide consultation services and audits to understand, evaluate and propose solutions  and strategies to improve the bottom line of your business, optimise your process efficiency  and achieve energy savings.

Replacement Parts and Repairs

Does your competitiveness depend on your reactivity to breakdowns and malfunctions? We  can help you limit downtime periods.

  1. From our stock we can supply you with tested and certified replacement parts compatible
  2. with your installed equipment.
  3. By contract, we offer to store in your warehouse replacement parts for the system that  remain as our remote stock until required.
  4. Finally, you also have access to a strong distribution channel network, present worldwide,  with which to have fast access to our products.

Maintenance & Support Contracts

  1. We offer a range of flexible and customised service contracts to meet your needs  including.
  2. Telephone support for priority access to our expert support centre
  3. Web access to benefit from the latest software versions
  4. Stock of our approved replacement parts on your site or in our warehouse
  5. Assurance of on-site assistance within a guaranteed time. We help you anticipate  technical risks and perform essential modernizations by taking account of equipment  obsolescence, in order to avoid costly production shutdowns.
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