NC Based Complete Automatic Shearing Machine

  • Rapid blade gap adjustment
  • Low maintenance-compact and reliable hydraulic system
  • Cutting line illumination
  • Very accurate NC Back gauge system with accuracy of ±0.1 mm
  • Adjustable stroke length
  • Hydraulic clamps interlocked with cutter beam
  • Fine adjustment of blades with blade fixtures
  • Burr-free & distortion free shear results
  • Shearing accuracy results better than DIN Standards
  • Swing away back gauge feature
  • Experience of over 1000 supplies

100TON CNC Based Complete Automatic Bending Machine

  • Machine is designed with down stroke press beam working.
  • Rigidly welded steel frame ensuring minimum deflection under load.
  • Very accurate and precise stroke depth adjustment to accuracy of ±0.01 mm.
  • Y1-Y2 beam tilting provision of upper press beam upto±10 mm.
  • Off-centre bending facility on machine without any damage to the guiding system.
  • Single set machining of the frame structures guarantees in very accurate parallelism along the length of the machine between the lower table and upper press beam.
  • Adaptability to modular tooling system and application friendly 60mm table.
  • Safety regulations as per the norms.

CNC Based Complete Automatic Busbar Bending Machine

  • Bend copper Busbar, Aluminium Busbar and steel bar for material up to 5/8” thick and 10” wide
  • Supports a variety of bending styles, including U-bends, edgewise and torsion
  • Spring-back compensation technology means accuracy to within 0.20°
  • Fast setup time with Power Bend software
  • Easily and quickly change tooling for various bending needs
  • Perfect for bending single pieces and small batches of parts

Heavy Duty 42mm Gear Type Drill Machine

  • Geared type Pillar Drilling Machines are suitable for Drilling, Reaming, Boring and Spot facing and has 8 spindle speeds.
  • Spindle Is made of alloy steel accurately machined & ground, concentric to Precision ground alloy steel Quill supported in 2 Nos. Taper Roller Bearings.
  • Properly balanced spindle pulley is mounted on Double Ball Bearings with Bracket support for absorbing V-Belt Load.
  • Spindle MT Bore Accuracy 20 to 30 microns.
  • A Precision ground column is made from heavy section seamless steel tube, ensures rigidity and resists deflection.
  • Square Table is accurately machined for precision work. 2 Nos. of Machined T-Slots are provided for clamping the work piece.

List of Tools

SL. Description of ItemsQty.Make.
1.  Cable Jack, 10 Tone capacity2 No. 
2.  Roller for Cables40 No. 
3.  Hydraulic crimping Machine up to 625 sq.mm1 No.Usha Ismal
4.  Hydraulic Crimping Machine up to 400 sq.mm1 No.Dowels
5.  Manual Crimping Machine up to 50 sq.mm1 No.Dowels
6.  Cutter Machine1 No.Dewalt
7.  Gas Welding Cutter1 No.Usha
8.  Drill Machine (Hammer)2 No.Bosch
9.  Drill Machine2 No.Bosch
10.     Drill Machine Portable1 No.Neutron
11.  Welding Machine, 300 A1 No.Asian
12.    Pipe Bending Machine1 No.Jeet M/C Tool
13.   Threading Dies Set4 No.Eagle
14.    Plastic Welding Machine1 No.Leaster
15.   Aluminum Ladder extendable up to 30 ft,1 No.Anoop Metals
16.    Chain Pulley Block1 No.Tracktel
17.     Switch-Sheet Cutting Machine1 No. 
18.    Ladder Bamboo L.S.  
19.   Wire Striper3 No.Jainsons
20. Safety Belt3 No. 

List of Testing Equipments

SL. Description of Items


1.  Voltmeter, up to 300V1 No.Indotech
2.  Voltmeter, up to 500V1 No.Indotech
3.  Ammeter, up to 30 A1 No.Indotech
4.  Ammeter, up to 100-150A1 No.Indotech
5.  Earth Tester, 3 Terminals, 0-100 Ohm1 No.Electrcin
6.  Earth Tester, 4 Terminals, 0-2/10/100 Ohm1 No.Electrcin
7.  LT Insulation Tester, 500V, 200M.Ohm.1 No.Indotech
8.  HT Insulation Tester, 5000V, 2000M.Ohm1 No.Indotech
9.  Multimeter AC/DC4 No.Meco
10. Bridge Meggers, 500V, 0-100M.Ohm.1 No.Indotech
11.  Digital Insulation Tester, 500V, 200-1000A1 No.Chunge IE.
fluke 179, true rms, multimeter
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