Sustainable Development

“Pantek Electricals Pvt. Ltd.”

Commitment to Sustainable Development:

PANTEK ELECTRICALS recognizes that our activities and the activities of our supply chain  have a global impact. Pantek Electricals is committed to acting with social  responsibility towards those involved in the production of our goods and services.

We feel that such a commitment is crucial if we are going to help create a world in which our  company can flourish, now and for generations to come. Our products are produced and  manufactured across the world and sold in many countries.

Integrating sustainable development into our growth strategy, we have made it our priority  to ensure safe working conditions and basic health coverage for all our employees. We   promote diversity and develop

Our employees’ talent and potential. In the course of conducting business, we are  committed to ensure that we are not complicit in human rights and labor standard abuses. If  we were to find ourselves inadvertently implicated in such abuses, we would take immediate  steps to rectify the situation.

Our offers help you to

> Anticipate risks
> Improve your performance
> Keep control of your investments

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Environment Policy

Pantek Electricals Pvt. Ltd. of Electrical Contractor is committed  to demonstrate excellence in

  1. Elimination or minimization of environmental impacts of processes,  activities and services.
  2. Meeting or exceeding the compliance with legal &other requirements.
  3. Conservation of resources like oil, water, Electrical energy, packing  material, and paper.
  4. Infusing awareness among the employees for maintaining a pollution  free environment.
  5. Enhancement of environmental awareness amongst group companies,  business associates, suppliers and contractors
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